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British Gas

The leading gas and electricity providers of Great Britain, British Gas provides energy to homes and businesses customers throughout UK.

The company has different tariff plans designed to meet the needs of different individuals including, standard, customers can choose the tariff plan whatever they deems fruitful for them.

Scotish Power

Scottish Power is one of the leading energy suppliers in United Kingdom, with more than 5.2 million customers throughout Great Britain.

Wide range of tariff plans are being offered by Scottish Power for customers to enable them choose the plans that is appropriate for them.


With 6.6 million customers from all over United Kingdom, nPower is in the queue of leading gas and electricity suppliers of UK.

The company is providing quality services in low prices to homes and businesses customers in UK. The company is focusing and adopting more environment friendly ways to supply gas and electricity to their customers.

E-On Energy

Providing high quality and competitively priced technical training and assessment in Gas, Plumbing, Electrical and Renewable energies.

We install, service, repair heating systems and deliver energy efficiency measures such as cavity wall and loft insulation.

National Trust Green Energy

For every customer we make a contribution to the National Trust Green Energy Fund

The National Trust Green Energy Fund was set up in 2007 as part of National Trust Green Energy, in partnership with npower.

Energy Helpline

Switching energy suppliers with energyhelpline.com is simple and can save you a lot of money.

We show you all the tariffs available and how much you could save by switching to each one, as well as the service ratings of each company, meaning you get all the information you need to find a better energy provider.

Southern Electric

Simple energy option - electricity and gas at a fair price. Manage your account online for an extra discount.

Our cheapest dual fuel deal with 5% direct debit discount and you can access your account 24/7.

The smart new way to save energy and save money.